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Glossary: FMEA

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FMEA - Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

"Failure Mode and Effect Analysis ": Method for the investigation of possible failure and risks of a considered unit as well as the determination of the expected consequences of these failures for the other elements and the function of the unit under consideration. The aim is to minimize the potential risks by appropriate measures. It is distinguished according to System FMEA, Design FMEA and Process FMEA.

With the implementation carried out by expert teams, in which experts from the areas of development, production planning, quality management and customer service are involved. In detail, the functions and possible malfunctions of a system / product are listed and evaluating the intended product specifications or rather process monitoring in regards to the detection and prevention of these errors, as well as defining the appropriate constructive or rather manufacturing and testing measures and the responsibilities for their implementation are determined.

A structure FMEA examines the appropriate specified design and design of the components of a system for the avoidance of errors. Any failure type of a component is considered an error and its effect on the system is analyzed.
A Process-FMEA examines process planning and execution to avoid planning and manufacturing errors. It is intended to ensure that the quality of a final product meets customer expectations.