FMEA Success Story: Process optimization for Indian automotive supplier.

FMEA based on uniform standard AIAG & VDA approach ensures optimized processes.

All over the world, corporations and successful medium-sized companies rely on innovative FMEA services and expertise from DIETZ CONSULTANTS. The result: numerous success stories, large and small, based on best practice solutions in the field of risk management and FMEA, written in partnership with leading automotive suppliers and OEMs around the world, including Goodluck Industries, an Indian family-owned business. Together with DIETZ CONSULTANS, the group successfully developed a tailor-made FMEA using the globally uniform method description based on the AIAG & VDA handbook.

Challenges facing Indian family-owned business

“The Indian market is becoming increasingly interesting for us,” reported Winfried Dietz, Managing Director of DIETZ CONSULTANS. “We are receiving many requests from local companies looking for expertise in developing an FMEA.” One of them is Goodluck Industries on the outskirts of New Delhi. The company has stood for high-quality steel products since 1986 and supplies the automotive industry in particular. “The products include CDW tubes as well as galvanized tubes for automobiles; these tubes are required for safety-relevant applications in particular,” explained Hemant Jog, Managing Director of DIETZ CONSULTANTS India. Goodluck Industries’ over 1,800 employees and plants at various locations make it one of India’s leading and fastest growing corporate groups - and it aims to become a leader in quality by improving its processes. Following a balanced scorecard evaluation and review of internal reports on product improvements and complaints, the company decided to develop an FMEA tailored to its specific processes.

Efficient development of a custom-tailored risk assessment system for Goodluck Industries

Winfried Dietz and Hemant Jog conducted a two-day workshop together with all of Goodluck Industries’ department managers, making them one of pioneers in the application of the new AIAG/VDA standard in India - which has quickly led to success: the seven FMEA steps contributed significantly to the rapid and efficient development of a custom-tailored risk assessment system for Goodluck Industries. The company plans to leverage it to optimize processes in the coming months with the goal of significantly reducing complaints in the future. Improvements are already showing: “Initial feedback from Goodluck Industries has been very positive and we wish them all the best on their way to quality leadership,” said Winfried Dietz. DIETZ CONSULTANTS India will support the company in implementing the results of the FMEA workshop into their processes over the next few months. We will also jointly look for opportunities to successfully cooperate on FMEA projects for the other locations of Goodluck Industries.