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DC Publications publishes and sells specialist books with a special focus on FMEA, risk management and quality management. Our authors are practitioners with a great deal of enthusiasm and the talent to describe their knowledge and practical experience in a way that can be generally understood by all. This enthusiasm is perceptible in every line, as is the clear and comprehensible format with supplementary graphics and explanatory illustrations down to the smallest detail.

DC Publications offers tailored information for day-to-day professional life, edited by the experts, aimed at professionals and those who are training to become professionals. Publications include specialist books, guidelines, checklists and workbooks. The specialist publisher provides further access to specialist knowledge via reading samples, specialist summaries of complex issues, comments and discussion contributions by the authors, which we offer as downloads from the website.

You will also meet our authors frequently as seminar leaders and speakers at the DC Academy. DC Publications make accessible the best practice knowledge delivered in our training courses. That’s because it’s our concern and obligation to make valuable content from our Academy available to a large audience in literary form.

For us, publishing means that we not only provide you with specialist content by selling high-quality specialist books, but will also be making the content available as audiobooks or e-books.

  • Planning ahead by Dr. Jarosch

    Quality creates advantages in economic competition. The book demonstrates how quality is created through a methodical approach. Practical examples are used to show the path from the idea to the finished product, with methods working hand-in-hand. The contributions of the great thinkers of industrial history are included, as is a classification of agile working methods. Despite all of the differences between the companies, the approaches are fundamentally very similar.

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