FMEA software selection

For the systematic identification and reduction of risks, a suitable tool is required in addition to a systematic approach. Selecting software to develop FMEA is highly challenging. There is no single solution that is equally suitable for all users.

The solution is therefore requirements management for the future FMEA tool. The number of variables to take into account can be high. As an example, here is a brief extract:

  • Scope/level of complexity of the analysis subjects (design and process)
  • Number of FMEA to carry out per time unit
  • Size and number of companies, number of locations.
  • Desired integration scope of the FMEA tool (media discontinuities? Interface programming?)
  • Software ergonomics requirement
  • and much more

With expertise based on 30 years of practical experience and comprehensive understanding of the respective client requirements, DIETZ Consultants offer a systematized process for decision-making.


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