FMEA Coaching

Coaching is one of themost efficient ways to transfer competence. The coach takes on the role ofco-pilot and ensures that the FMEA knowledge obtained becomes FMEA competencein practice. This is the elite route for qualification as an FMEA moderator.
The followingrepresents the ideal route: Qualification of future FMEA moderators through participation in our FMEA seminars (seeDC Academy)

  • Staffcertification through our partner IBQRM
  • Moderation of realFMEA projects together with an experienced coach
  • Continuousinformation exchange and acquisition of the latest knowledge throughparticipation inDC ONLINE Events

FMEA Moderator

Start your training as FMEA moderator - with the DC Academy!
FMEA is your world. You want to pass on your knowledge, motivate participants and convey approaches to solutions, steer discussions in a targeted manner, apply FMEA methodology efficiently and operate the software safely? - Come to the DIETZ Academy - we will train you to become a certified FMEA moderator!

Simply put together your individual training programme from our FMEA qualification programme online - we would be happy to support you in this.

Training with certificate
The training as FMEA moderator at the DIETZ Academy is certified. All seminars meet the requirements of IBQRM (International Board for Quality & Risk Management). The CQRMP certificate (Certified Quality and Risk Management Professional) can be obtained with the final examination.

This is how you become a FMEA moderator and FMEA expert

FMEA methodology security
The effective application of the FMEA methodology is goal-oriented and motivates the team! In this seminar, you will learn to master the methodological basics.

FMEA software training application practice
For the FMEA software tool to operate as if it were a side-line, its optimal use is required. Get to know your FMEA software, from the user interface to shortcuts to dos and don'ts.

FMEA moderation efficiency
The expectations and requirements for an FMEA moderator are high. Productive atmosphere and the best possible results are required.Learn how to deal with group dynamics, lead discussions in a result-oriented manner and present yourself well.

From knowing the ability in the direction of competence! Our FMEA coaching is the most efficient step to attain knowledge and competence for FMEA. FMEA coaching is a highly effective tool for personal development and finding specific solutions for the company and the FMEA moderator.

Expert know-how
Deepen the expanded knowledge by exchange of experts. By exchanging expert knowledge between FMEA-specialists you can learn from each other, find solutions for your individual application and optimize it. For this use our expert know-how events.

Special know-how
FMEA means using time efficiently, developing standards, mastering interfaces and ensuring the consistency of documents. In our specialised seminars and webinars, you will learn how to synchronously maintain and control FMEA and other development tools, deal with special features and standardise your FMEA.


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