Ultimately, our customers work together with us as consultants, service providers and coaches in order to obtain the knowledge and competence they need. We have defined the following ways to share knowledge on this website:

Professional articles

Employees, partners and customers create professional articles on specific questions in the area of quality and risk management. The topics of the professional articles are primarily derived from our project work. The content is prepared with great care and is based on the results of practical applications.This makes our articles deeply rooted in practice and relevant to the real world. We are glad to see that an increasing number of interested professionals, as well as companies and other users, refer to our professional articles and quote them as their sources of information. If you, as our reader, would like to contribute by creating a professional article on something new that hasn’t been discussed yet, we would be happy to provide you with the opportunity to publish your article through our website here.

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The importance of a common understanding of important specialist terms in quality and risk management cannot be overstated. Without this foundation, we, as users and developers of methods, would be unable to exchange information with each other, develop valid ideas and solutions and report on them. We would quite literally be talking past each other. Why is that the case? Quality and risk management relies on what is known as “conceptual models”. In contrast to research in areas such as physics, we cannot fall back on the scientific normative reality here. Powerful conceptual models can only be developed and applied with a sound fundamental knowledge and unambiguous terms.The aim of the glossary on this website is to provide a significant contribution towards establishing the knowledge foundation mentioned above. The website uses an interesting technology to achieve this purpose. The specialist terms used in texts can be assigned to the glossary automatically; in addition, the glossary terms are highlighted in a different color in the texts and it is possible to add short explanatory texts by mousing over the terms. We also always encourage our visitors to provide their feedback and suggestions.

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FMEA methods

FMEA methodology is crucially important to our day-to-day work as consultants, service providers and coaches. This has motivated us to define a dedicated category under the “Knowledge” heading. In this section of the website, you will find a short presentation of the rules for the successful preparation of FMEA analyses. This presentation is largely based on the FMEA method description from AIAG/VDA.

Learn more about the FMEA method description here.


Under Downloads, we offer you the technical option to download documents, audio and video files, etc. We are convinced that this is a great opportunity to spread valuable knowledge to all who are interested in FMEA. In order to gain technical access, you must first log in to “My DC” once. The process is designed in such a way that you get permanent access to our offers with the least possible effort and in compliance with the law. In “My DC” you will find a whole host of other technical features that will make your life a lot easier if you are interested in FMEA. For example, we make your seminar documents available to you permanently in this way.

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