DIETZ Consultants offer the comprehensive FMEA service package globally. Our FMEA knowledge is based on competence that our employees and partners have developed in decades of project experience. On this foundation, we offer our clients “Best Practice” solutions globally.

We always achieve the best possible results in goal-oriented interaction with those in positions of responsibility. Whether it is the selection of an FMEA tool, the development of a project-specific FMEA or a global rollout of a risk management system for technical risks: DIETZ Consultants develop perfectly tailored solutions in partnership with our clients.

A gap in knowledge is a risk.
FMEA is the ideal tool for identifying existing gaps in knowledge. FMEA works in a comparable way for innovation in the area of product development and product planning (manufacturing, logistics). DIETZ Consultants offer a wide range of services to effectively identify gaps in knowledge.

Knowledge is prevention.
Generating knowledge and applying it competently is the only way to minimize risk. Using the FMEA methodology, we offer our clients a unique structure to as certain knowledge:
- Preventive FMEA and follow-up activities (simulation, mathematical methods of sampling, DoE and much more)
- FMEA discovery measures:

  • Verification & validation measures (D-FMEA)
  • Process-accompanying testing (P-FMEA)

FMEA is knowledge management.
FMEA can be equally applied as a data sink or a source of knowledge. Only readily available knowledge can act as intellectual property in the company.

Dietz Consultants offer a wide range of services to turn data sinks into sources of knowledge.

This is how we help you achieve your goals:

Awareness training
Our Awareness Training gives managers and experts the chance to understand the meaning of FMEA and to look positively towards FMEA implementation. Managers shoulder special responsibility in the context of the FMEA. They must provide the necessary resources and endorsements so that risk assessments can be devised and prioritized in parallel with the development phase. The experts, on the other hand, must participate in the meetings and make their unique abilities available.

FMEA Moderation
The FMEA moderators from DIETZ Consultants not only have the required FMEA methodology experience, but they have also mastered a number of essential FMEA software tools. They are experts in process- and results-oriented communication techniques to drive important group processes, with a focus on promoting respectful and trusting interactions with FMEA team members.

Master FMEA Generation
The systematic development of a master FMEA (generic and specific) is a goal that we recommend to our clients. By setting up master FMEAs, risk analysis sessions can be carried out much more efficiently. Clean generic catalogues help the team members find their way around the FMEA quickly. Specific information solidifies the content and ensures its traceability.

FMEA Integration in the Development Process
Together with experts, we will assign FMEA activities to the overall process and define collaboration in development and operational value streams.

Project management
We can help you in project management, so that you can assess the risks to planned costs and project timing. We are capable of assuming the responsibility of coordinating appointments, defining the group of participants and tracking progress through project verification.

Coaching FMEA experts
Together with your FMEA experts, we develop individual solutions for your company. We will enlighten your FMEA experts with tips and tricks that make FMEA sessions efficient.

Finding FMEA experts
We can help you to successfully fill in the role of "FMEA moderator". With use of an aptitude diagnostic procedure, it is possible to significantly increase the probability of identifying individuals who can perform this role for you. This technique will determine how well an employee's skillset matches that of the FMEA moderator's additional qualification on a scientific basis. It may also recommend where supplemental training can lead to better future application.