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FMEA Consulting

Do you want to minimize malfunctions in series production start-ups and reduce consequential costs by means of risk analysis? Do you want to use the knowledge of your experts efficiently to eliminate the biggest risks in your product development? Three decades of product development support experience have shown us that the timing of FMEAs, their integration into the development process, the way FMEAs are moderated and standardized are crucial factors to successfully reducing high risk elements in your product.

That is what we are here for:

We deliver customised, creative solutions! FMEA methodology applications may be adapted to individual products and processes as well as company specific conditions. The action we take during the implementation phase is particularly important to us. This is how we create real added value for our clients.

This is how we do it:

We agree upon a free 15-minute strategy discussion, at the end of which both you and we know exactly what you need. We tailor our approach to your specific requirements.


This is how we help you achieve your goals:

  • Awareness training

    The management has special responsibility in the context of FMEA. It must provide the necessary resources, so that risk assessments accompanying development can be developed. Whereas the experts must take part in the meetings and make their knowledge available. TO start with, we recommend our Awareness Training to provide management and experts the opportunity to understand the meaning of FMEA and to face FMEA execution positively.

    Awareness training
  • Integration into your development process

    To get the most out of the FMEA, an optimal embedding of the methodology in your development process is necessary! We support you in defining and implementing the FMEA process and in coordinating with directly related methods such as requirement engineering, DVP, DVP&R and Control Plan.

  • Customising the FMEA methodology

    Together with you, we develop an FMEA approach tailored to your company, your products and processes.

    The focus is on the efficient and effective deployment of your specialists. That's why we emphasize on standardization and focusing. Risk filters are a typical way to increase efficiency.

  • Developing data models

    The multiple usage of FMEA knowledge can be accomplished through catalogues for generic knowledge, data models and re-use strategies of FMEA knowledge.

  • Finding software

    Do you need full CAQ capability or specific FMEA capabilities? Are you in need of the highest possible modelling capability or rather a database solution? We help you with the selection. Based on your needs, we select the most suitable software together with you. Take advantage of our independence from software manufacturers to find the optimum solution for you!

  • Finding FMEA experts

    Are you looking for your own FMEA moderators? We will help you in successfully filling the role of "FMEA moderator". With the help of a suitability-diagnostic procedure, it is possible to considerably increase the probability of success identifying appropriate individuals. We can help you determine how well the competencies of an employee are consistent with the additional qualification of the FMEA moderator, on a scientific basis. We can also establish weakness in an organization that call for action.

    FMEA Skill Assessment

Grass doesn't grow faster if you pull on it! But good FMEA consulting works like an ideal natural fertilizer.

Winfried Dietz – Founder and Managing Director of Dietz Consultants


Then here is what you need to do now...

Contact us, so we can understand your task, exchange a non-disclosure agreement if and as necessary, prepare a customised offer and help you as quickly, competently and cost-efficiently as possible.

You can reach us
by e-mail: info@dietz-consultants.com
by phone: +49 5407 818 640
via contact form