FMEA Forum China firmly established in Asia

Third international FMEA conference of DIETZ Consultants with around 150 experts in Shanghai

FMEA for “Trouble free innovations” was the motto in Shanghai at the beginning of November. At DIETZ Consultants’ third international FMEA Forum China, around 150 FMEA experts from Asia and Europe discussed the latest trends and developments in the world of FMEA. Participants included OEMs and Tier 1 automotive suppliers as well as risk management and FMEA experts from the wind energy and railway technology industries. They all contributed to a successful network meeting. DIETZ Consultants’ FMEA Forum China is an established event in Asia.

First-class speakers, talks and best practice FMEA

“Almost all the major technology manufacturers in the mobility and energy sectors, as well as the major automotive suppliers, operate their own development and production sites in China. The technical expertise of Chinese companies is also growing rapidly,” explains Managing Director Winfried Dietz. “The demand for expert know-how and targeted network offerings is correspondingly high – and the FMEA Forum is very successful in meeting this demand.” Lassie Li, Managing Director of DIETZ Consultants China, is also quite pleased with the symposium: “Our team worked hard and the effort has paid off. The wide-ranging exchange of ideas with the greatest mix of experts, as well as first-class talks and speakers were a complete success.”

Interactive workshops, many technical tips

Ralf Nicolas from BAIC BJEV, Simon Crowhurst from Johnson Electric, Prof. Dr. Bernd Hindel from Method Park, Tilman Tillmann from VDA QMC China Co., Ltd. provided technical input at the event. The numerous specialist presentations, many practical elements and best practice tips also inspired the participants. Vehicle manufacturer BJEV, for example, provided two vehicles that were included in a workshop: working teams identified the interfaces on the cars and developed boundary diagrams. The presentation on the following day saw Winfried Dietz present the results and give numerous tips and tricks for practical FMEA work.

High level, many local guests

The organizers were impressed by the participants’ high level of technical expertise, which increased significantly compared to the previous year. Participants from many countries around the world contributed to this, as did the predominantly Chinese participants. One innovation at this year’s forum was an interactive test of FMEA expertise: the bulk of the participants completed a multiple-choice questionnaire to evaluate their own FMEA knowledge. “A great many guests gave us extremely positive feedback on the forum and above all on the many interactive elements,” says Winfried Dietz, who sees the FMEA Forum China as an established event in Asia’s FMEA expert community. A WeChat group that was established spontaneously during the event will facilitate networking after the forum, allowing participants to continue exchanging information on what they have learned.