The 9th annual FMEA Forum in Osnabrück was a great success!

Efficiency and effectiveness in the development of FMEA.

This year's FMEA Forum took place on 18th / 19th February 2014.

Die praxisorientierten Vorträge behandelten aus ganz verschiedenen Blickwinkeln den Themenschwerpunkt „Effizienz und Effektivität bei der Entwicklung von FMEA“.

The practice-oriented lectures addressed the theme emphasis "efficiency and effectiveness in the development of FMEA" from very different angles.

All speakers were able to stimulate a lively discussion at the lecture by the interesting contributions. The 9th Osnabrück FMEA Forum showed trends in technical risk management clearly:

  • Professionalization of the processes and expectations of all participants involved in the market
  • Starting with the OEMs, who increasingly integrate FMEA into the steering of the product development process of the development partners.
  • Effecient SW tools for the development of FMEA have been developed. Clear progress can still be observed here.
  • Management expects efficient and effective processes of technical risk management.
  • Powerful trainings and training for FMEA participants are offered on the market.
  • A service culture for the development of FMEA has emerged.
  • The advancing digitalization of technology will make technical risk management even more important. Example: The car is part of the Internet. At the same time, traffic accidents will become an anachronism.

    Technical risk management and thus FMEA will become increasingly important in the coming years. The functional density of systems increases proportionate scope and the importance of risk analyzes.