After Germany, China and the USA, now also presenting in India

DIETZ CONSULTANTS broadens the horizon as a global service provider in product development smack in the middle of the 2nd FMEA Forum in Pune

The Indian economy continues to boom. This former British colony has developed into one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with predicted growth of more than seven per cent. And there is no end in sight yet for this growth dynamic. The bottom line is that the country has been able to double the total value of goods and services produced in its own country over the past ten years.

Product development requires risk management

And this is exactly where DIETZ CONSULTING PARTNERS Pvt. Ltd. comes into play. As an international FMEA player, we are right in the thick of it. The importance of FMEA and risk management also escalates with increasing product development. If you want to survive in the global market, you have to produce machines that meet a high standard. Production errors must be minimised, as must the associated risk of subsequent complaints by customers.

FMEA Forum in India to be continued in 2019

Since well before the onset of foundation of DIETZ CONSULTING PARTNERS Pvt. Ltd. in Pune, our very own foothold in India is also substantiated this year thanks to the optimal network in the local market. We know the needs and requirements of the industry as well as the legal and economic requirements for production. As a result, we are hosting the two-day FMEA Forum in India, which we are presenting together with a local partner for the second time in Pune. The response confirms that this is the right approach. Primarily from medium-sized Indian companies, around 40 participants have well made the premiere a success and it is not just us who deserve its credit. One of the main topics of the two-day seminar was the challenges for India on the way to product development. The focus was on FMEA process and how it can help FMEA managers to identify and eliminate errors before they occur in production. Making headway with the 3rd FMEA Forum in India in the year 2019 is definitely on cards at the moment.

India is responsible for drawing international development capacities into the country

The German economy enjoys a good reputation in India. It is not only from Germany, but also international corporations from Europe and the USA that invest massively. Global players such as VW, BMW and SAP are opening their own production sites. In addition, there are rapidly growing Indian companies and German SMEs that feel encouraged by the development to expand their competencies and capacities. Especially since many experts agree when looking into the near future that the country with its more than 1.3 billion people will further gain momentum when it comes to international development capacities in the coming years. On one hand, we are continually on the look-out for qualified employees. On the other hand, risk management and FMEA are becoming increasingly crucial.