Moderate the FMEA successfully - targeted risk assessment in mechanical engineering

Course as certified FMEA Manager with Maschinenbau-Institut GmbH, a company of the VDMA, starts in April 2019.

The importance of FMEA for technical support in the risk assessment in mechanical engineering is increasing continuously. Any subsequent changes in the development and design results are almost always very expensive. We know this from several workshops and analyses in the mechanical engineering company held across the world. But, the person who is aware of the product and process risks in his projects can minimise a major part of the causes of any possible faults. Being a powerful tool, FMEA thus forms the basis for a system understanding of each machine and the key to preventive elimination of errors.

Give importance to FMEA and risk management in mechanical engineering

The German Engineering Association (VDMA) has been sharing our knowledge of an increasing importance of FMEA and risk assessment in mechanical engineering since many years. But although the subject has been well-known in the industry, it is still often put in second place. Dr. Frank Bünting is aware about this. As the deputy department head of Business Advisory in VDMA and expert for quality management, product and process planning, he is working towards changing this permanently with the help of DIETZ CONSULTANTS. The course will be conducted from April 2019 for the fifth time and has always developed many participants to become certified FMEA Managers.

Under the joint management of Winfrid Dietz as the long-term FMEA-Moderator, Trainer and Consultant for FMEA and Risk management and Dr. Frank Bünting, the persons in charge of the development and design, project managers, engineers and quality managers learn about the FMEA fundamentals as well as the moderation methods and the practical implementation in their own company. The certified FMEA Managers in the company bring more weightage to the subject from within - incidentally for members and interested companies from the industry.

Course with mechanical engineering-Know-How FMEA expertise

At the same time, the course for certified FMEA Managers is confirmation and motivation for us. This is because the VDMA is the most important association in mechanical engineering. The demand on themselves and their partners is equally high in the implementation of courses and workshops. As a result, offers on the strategic subjects are provided almost exclusively as a Tandem solution - even for FMEA: To the head of VDMA with his knowledge regarding trends in mechanical engineering and regarding all the important aspects in the industry. This is followed by the DIETZ Consultants pacemaker with an experience of three decades with FMEA and Risk management in mechanical engineering.

Together, the Tandem VDMA-Maschinenbau Institut GmbH / DIETZ CONSULTANTS has been successfully on the go for many years. The course has been established. The first stage of the fifth edition starts on 9th/10th April 2018, which is continued in the company by stops with FMEA projects, before the participants achieve the objective on 26th and 27th September.