Learning from one another and growing successfully together

Employee day at DIETZ Consultants: Webinar venture of our very own digital channel and office in Switzerland.

Here at DIETZ Consultants, we constantly work on understanding our customers even better and implementing more tailor-made solutions. That’s exactly how we accomplish our goal of delivering a wow-experience to our customers with our customised solutions of FMEA and risk management. Since each of us goes through a variety of experiences in our daily work life and has something completely different to bring to the table, interacting on a regular basis and defining new goals for the team are both integrated in our work methodology.

Sharing know-how and news in the organisation

Last week, it was that time of year again. Employees from the central office, coaches and moderators and our experts who work freelance and mostly directly with the customer or at the customer's premises, came together for a day at the company headquarters in Wallenhorst. Along with the meeting of minds and sharing know-how and news in the organisation, the question of possible improvement potentials was on the agenda – right from internal communication to the development of a general database of knowledge built upon the FMEA database. From the development of new webinar ventures for online schools and learning programmes to the establishment of an office in Switzerland.

Let us start by saying that we were delighted as we looked back, to note that the premiere of our medical products forum in Nuremberg was successful and will continue to grow. In addition, DIETZ Consultants has been able to retain a chain of interesting customers over the past few weeks and has also bagged some exciting new projects. These include optimising the lay times of cargo ships during loading and unloading, for instance.

Expand its range of services and include webinars as a digital channel

For the near future, DIETZ Consultants plans to expand its range of services and include webinars and thus add a new digital channel to its seminar programme. And here again, we were able to secure another customer. DIETZ Consultants is also knuckling down to the establishment in Switzerland. In the upcoming months, a new office will be set up there to coordinate and integrate activities and services in the country.