FMEA Moderation in Times of the Corona Virus – Remote Work as an Opportunity

One question will keep the world on tenterhooks in spring 2020: How can we stop the corona virus from spreading? Some of the more common answers to this question suggest improving hygiene, smiles instead of handshakes, centrally suspending major events and avoiding business travel and vacations.

The Way I See It

by Winfried Dietz

If you think beyond the current situation, it’s not unreasonable to think that restrictions regarding meeting in person and having team meetings will be further ramped up in the weeks to come. If that’s the case, then how can workflows be further promoted? How can ideas and views about joint projects be exchanged? How can we learn from each other? One solution is to work remotely and have customers and FMEA moderators connect online in web meetings rather than meeting in one place. We’ve had many good experiences with this form of collaboration over secure VPN connections in recent years, and we’re using it to increase networking from Germany and China with our partners and customers in Europe and around the world.

FMEA Forum 2020 – A Unique Website

In the weeks following the Corona virus outbreak, we’ve been able to successfully draw on our valuable experience with working remotely, in particular, in China. With the Corona quarantine in place there, online collaboration is becoming increasingly popular, both inside and outside companies. Some schools are now also focusing on using e-learning concepts. At DIETZ CONSULTANTS, we’re currently looking into how we can transform our 15th international FMEA Forum on 25 and 26 March 2020 and offer it as a website and a unique online networking event.

Work Remotely from Your Home Office with Skype and TEAMS

Thanks to our highly experienced staff of remote workers, we’ve increased online collaboration with customers whenever it was necessary and feasible and successfully switched to regulated remote work in order to develop FMEA. We are thus able to complete all tasks entirely using the network without actually having to be physically present in the company, and projects can also be carried out successfully over long distances. All without unnecessarily having to put ourselves at risk of contracting the Corona virus.

Employees currently working remotely because of the quarantine, for example, can be easily integrated into the process using existing technologies such as Skype and Microsoft Teams. This type of innovative collaboration allows FMEA and risk management to stay in operation during the Corona virus. Remote work offers everyone wanting to make the most of the time ahead and tackle FMEA challenges using other means a real opportunity. Especially if you take the necessary steps now when fewer restrictions are in place!