How can an integrated FMEA map all security domains?

System security: Holistic view by means of the FMEA - This is the theme of the lecture by Dr. Adam Schnellbach (AVL List GmbH) and Lukas Dörfel (Context GmbH) at the 14th FMEA forum in Osnabrück on March 27 and 28, 2019. The experts of development processes explain the importance and objectives of system security and share their knowledge with best practice from the FMEA application. The guest article in our FMEA blog is dedicated to the question of whether and how an integrated FMEA can map all security domains. For detailed considerations to this question, kindly refer to FMEA Think Tank.

Modern mechatronic systems present developers with major challenges in the field of safety. In addition to functional safety (FuSi) and cyber security, other domains like crash safety, high-voltage safety, safety in use and SOTIF (Safety of the intended function) are playing a bigger role. This is aggravated by the fact that the possible hazards often belong to completely different and partially overlapping safety domains.

The holistic safety consideration for the fulfilment of system safety is made more difficult by many factors. With regard to the individual safety domains, it is important to answer the questions as to which hazards and root causes are in the spotlight and what these root causes are. Essential elements for a solution are the 5-steps of the VDA methodology, which may well require deviations from classic FMEA thinking.

One of the findings of the analysis of complex systems conclude that there are often very large overlaps in hazards and root causes and that the rules of FMEA may therefore be interpreted in a flexible and goal-oriented manner, if not at all. However, the integrated FMEA is a reasonable approach in any case. It is possible to create an overall picture and to master the overlaps efficiently only with the help of an integrated view.
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Dr. Adam Schnellbach is Lead Engineer of Safety Methods and Analyses at AVL List GmbH