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Success stories from the world of FMEA and risk management

Does the uniform FMEA manual (AIAG & VDA) method description make everything better?

In a guest article for the newsletter of our long-time FMEA software partner Böhme & Weihs, Winfried Dietz addresses the following questions: Will the...

Winfried Dietz beim Norddeutschen QM-Tag der HAW Hamburg
DIETZ Consultants in China: “Sailing the seas on the blue ocean in the Middle Kingdom”

Winfried Dietz, founder and CEO of DIETZ Consultants, discussed his experiences as a quality expert in the Far East at the Northern German Quality...

Interview Pfeufer Kukuk zu VDA AIAG Harmonisierung beim FMEA Forum DIETZ CONSULTANTS
AIAG VDA Harmonisation - Interview with the Chairman of the Working Group

Hans-Joachim Pfeufer and Oliver Kukuk on opportunities and challenges of FMEA harmonisation 2019

Dr. Uwe-Klaus Jarosch (Senior Experte für QM-Methoden und Tools im Globalen Qualitäts­manage­ment der Benteler Auto­mobil­technik GmbH)
What is so special about the Special Characteristics?

Dr Uwe-Klaus Jarosch (senior expert for QM methods and tools in the global quality management of the Benteler Automobiltechnik GmbH, Paderborn)...

Adam Schnellbach refereirt beim FMEA-Forum 2019 über System Safety
How can an integrated FMEA map all security domains?

System security: Holistic view by means of the FMEA - This is the theme of the lecture by Dr. Adam Schnellbach (AVL List GmbH) and Lukas Dörfel...

Getting back on track with FMEA

Error-free production - getting back on track with FMEA - That is the title of Dieter Hellwig's lecture at the 14th Osnabrück FMEA Forum on March 27...

Dr. Michael Gellner (DIETZ CONSULTANTS) referierte beim Siemens Expertenfrühstück über FMEA und APQP
Rules of success for preventive risk management and quality management with FMEA and APQP

At the Breakfast with Experts of Siemens PLM Software, Dr. Michael Gellner touched upon Risk Management instead of Crisis Management

After Germany, China and the USA, now also presenting in India

DIETZ CONSULTANTS broadens the horizon as a global service provider in product development smack in the middle of the 2nd FMEA Forum in Pune

Holistic quality management in the light of complete QM system expertise

The establishment of a functioning Quality Management System (QMS) plays a crucial role in competitive environment on the national and international...

Moderate the FMEA successfully - targeted risk assessment in mechanical engineering

Course as certified FMEA Manager with Maschinenbau-Institut GmbH, a company of the VDMA, starts in April 2019.

Online learning made easy: FMEA-related expert knowledge now available in a webinar

New seminar catalogue: The DIETZ academy offers digital training programmes that cover everything related to risk management and best practices.

Miteinander lernen und gemeinsam immer besser werden. Mitarbeitertag bei DIETZ Consultants: Webinar-Angebot als eigener digitaler Kanal und Büro in der Schweiz.
Learning from one another and growing successfully together

Employee day at DIETZ Consultants: Webinar venture of our very own digital channel and office in Switzerland.