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Parameter Diagrams (P-Diagrams)

Methodology of the Parameter Diagram (P-Diagram)

The Parameter Diagram (P-Diagram) is a block diagram which shows the connections between different parameters of a system.

It is the ideal starting point of the FMEA:

  • System elements und their functions are described and
  • visualized in a simplistic manner

The P-Diagram includes the following components and relations:


1. Definition of the system and identification of input and output parameter

  • Transfer fromBoundary Diagram resp. Interface Matrix (if applicable)
  • Method can also be used for the sub-systems

2. Description of system function(s)

  • Preferably technical, precise and quantifiable expression, relating to material-, energy and signal flows:
    • “To convert manual force and movement into cutting force and movement“
    •  “To convert paper without holes into paper with holes“

3. Systematic collection of potential noise parameters of the 5 (or more) categories

  • Failure modes, root causes and preventive actions for FMEA can be derived from noise parameters

4. Systematic collection of control parameters

  • These must appear in FMEA as product characteristics resp. process characteristics, or as system elements
  • You can also extrapolate preventive measures from here

Example: Desktop Hole Punch