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  • FTA Fehlerbaumanalyse Teil I

    Die Fehlerbaumanalyse ist ein deduktives Verfahren (Top to down) nach DIN 25424 zur Ermittlung der Ausfallsicherheit sicherheitskritischer Systeme. Der Fehlerbaum ist eine grafische Darstellung der logischen Zusammenhänge vom Topergebnis bis zu den unabhängigen Grundergebnissen.

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  • FMEA Robustheit Tools

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  • Ishikawa diagram

    The Ishikawa diagram(orcause & effect diagram) was developed in 1943 by Kaoru Ishikawa.

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  • Design Review Based on Failure Mode

    Changes to current series production often have high and underestimated risks. FMEA is the defining tool for anticipating potential malfunctions and their consequences in the development process. Does this also apply to easily "manageable" design changes?

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  • Requirement Management and FMEA

    How they work together!

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  • Allocating prevention and detection controls to an evaluation

    by Winfried Dietz (Dietz Consultants) FMEA evaluations: Discussing severity, occurrence, detection effectively in team meetings and taking decisions. The core of risk analysis (5th Step of the VDA/AIAG FMEA Handbook 2019) is the application of evaluation tables to risk assessment. The conceptual models for FMEA evaluation are presented below.

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