14th International FMEA industrial get-together

Networking opportunities, meeting of minds and best practice model at the FMEA forum of DIETZ CONSULTANTS on March 27 and 28, 2019 in Osnabrück.

The Osnabrück FMEA Forum is one of the most important platforms for best practice model, networking opportunities and meeting of minds between users and experts in the field of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). The international FMEA industrial get-together will take place for the 14th time from March 26 to 28, 2019 as initiated by DIETZ CONSULTANTS . In the Steigenberger Hotel Remarque in Osnabrück, the spotlight shall be on new development trends in the field of FMEA as well as the exchange of ideas and knowledge and methodologies for success from practical experience. And of course this time again, FMEA forum also offers you plenty of opportunities for personal interaction and discussions and intensive networking. Winfried Dietz will play the roles of both - your host and moderator, as he guides you through the FMEA Forum.

Osnabrück FMEA Forum sets global benchmark

The DIETZ CONSULTANTS International FMEA Forum takes place every year in a row since 2005 in Osnabrück. The response last year for FMEA and risk management was like never before with more than 170 experts and interested parties from Germany, Europe, North America and Asia. In addition, there were speakers from globally active corporations, globally admired medium-sized "Hidden Champions" and professional associations. With this kind of hobnob, the FMEA Forum highlighted its role as the most important international platform for the meeting of minds in the field of FMEA.

On both the days and also in the meet up on the previous evening (i.e. February 26), the Forum offers a unique, open communication platform for industry experts and interested parties alike. It is with this approach that it has grown over the past few years and become far more international, one step at a time. Moreover, DIETZ CONSULTANTS has established smaller regional FMEA forums in meanwhile in China, the USA and India. According to the concept well-proven in Germany, risk managers from across the globe meet there to exchange methodical knowledge on error prediction and error prevention.

Broad range of topics, various specialist presentations

This year around as well, the forum in Osnabrück deals with a broad spectrum of specialised lectures on the topic of FMEA. Representatives from the entire industry as well as from international players and institutes will be gracing the occasion. One of them is Dr. Uwe Jarosch. The Senior Expert for Quality Methods and Tools from Benteler Automobiltechnik GmbH will get to the bottom of the specific product and/or process features in keeping with the title "The Load with Special Features (BM) - A Proposed Solution". In his lecture, he will define technical standards as a basis for decision-making, establish criteria for filters and specifications of special features and discuss their integration into FMEA templates.

Another expert and already a regular guest of the FMEA Forum of DIETZ CONSULTANTS in Osnabrück is Dr. Alexander Schloske. The senior expert at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA will talk about MSR requirements for the FMEA as well as findings on the definition and handling of “Detection actions in the field” in the FMEA.Jochen Pfeufer, chairman of the VDA FMEA working group, will discuss trans-Atlantic cooperation on FMEA methodology descriptions in his lecture. He will report on the latest status of the joint FMEA methodology description of AIAG & AIAG. Other speakers include Simon Crowhurst from Johnson Electric Hong Kong/Shenzen and Adam Schnellbach from AVL List GmbH and Lukas Dörfel from Context GmbH.

Workshops with software manufacturers, Coaching Slam with FMEA experts

In addition to the lecture program, well-known software tool manufacturers and developers will be represented as exhibitors hailing from iqs Software GmbH, APIS Informationstechnologien GmbH, PLATO AG, Babtec Informationssysteme GmbH and Böhme & Weihs Systemtechnik GmbH at the FMEA Forum. In workshops, they will demonstrate the solution of peculiar challenges with the help of their tools and present the results afterwards briefly in the forum for everyone.

Another special item on the agenda is the FMEA Coaching Slam, which premiered last year at the FMEA Forum. Inspired by a Science Slam, DIETZ CONSULTANTS brings FMEA to the Slammer-Stage. Three coaches compete against each other with the task of presenting complex FMEA topics as vividly and entertainingly as possible in 300 seconds. The AIAG / VDA has already sent out a clear signal as regards their alliance. Two more topics will be established from the forum with a fresh reference to the lectures. It does not cease to cause a stir because who accepts the challenge and steps on the Osnabrück Slammer stage is in the belly of the future with a lid on.

Since 2017, the Forum has become even more international: the possibility of simultaneous translation into English also gives many customers, interested parties and partners from Europe, Asia or the USA the opportunity to participate and deepen their knowledge. Many international participants are expected this year, which gives everyone the opportunity to expand their network as regards FMEA also outside Germany.