FMEA practice day at STEYR & Case IH Traktoren in Austria

Emphasis: Analysis of complex systems and trends in risk management (AIAG / VDA FMEA harmonization, revisions ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO TS 16949).

Joint events with CNH Industrial Österreich GmbH, manufacturer of STEYR & Case IH Tractors – Theme: FMEA practice on 18th October 2016 in St. Valentin, Austria

Dietz Consultants is expanding its successful event series in the fields of quality management and FMEA / error detection and impact analysis in Austria.The practice day provides practical experience and examples from companies in a well-balanced mix of theoretical foundations, and gives an overview of the immediate benefits for business processes and risk management.

FMEA-Practice Day at STEYR and Case IH Traktoren in St. Valentin on 18th Oktober 2016 – Analysis of much complex Systems with FMEA

The event exemplifies possible procedures for complex systems. The constantly growing complexity of the developed systems compels the development of the FMEA methodology..It describes the possible applications in practice as well as their usefulness and importance for risk management. In particular, the new requirements of the VDA and the AIAG as well as the standards of ISO TS 16949 will be considered within the framework of the forum.

The FMEA is a:

  • strategic component of the corporate view of quality management (QM)
  • active element over all phases of the product life cycle
  • central module in a comprehensive concept from project management (APQP / Control plan), production control and inspection plan (integration)

    Studies prove that approx. 75% of the quality problems originate in the planning areas and / or in the development. Therefore, it is obvious to consider the beginning of the product life cycle more intensively. In addition, the product manufacturer is located in a dense environment of laws (eg product liability law), standards (eg DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015, ISO TS 16949) and directives (VDA / AIAG). Last but not least, the question arises about the profitability of a company, which is heavily burdened by guarantee and goodwill, by recall actions and customer losses.

    FMEA-Experiences at CNH Industrial

    In his speech, Mr. Karl Huber, Chief Engineer (40kW to 105kW - Tractors) CNH Industrial, gives an expert report on the use of the FMEA methodology. The complexity of the development of tractors is presented. The FMEA tool helps the company master the complexity. Mr. Huber will also address specific standards and requirements from tractors. CNH Industrial builds tractors of the brands STEYR, Case IH and New Holland.

    Who should participate?

    The Dietz Consultants FMEA Practice Forum is aimed at those interested in all branches and disciplines, who are systematically involved in the development of risk analyzes for products and processes. These include, above all, executives and specialists from the departments of quality management, design, development, manufacturing and all other process managers; Future FMEA moderators and participants in FMEA sessions.

    The event is aimed at members of the management, FMEA Practitioner, research and development members, plant managers, production managers as well as employees from the departments ERP / PLM / work preparation, production / production, production planning and control, quality / quality assurance, IT , Complaints and complaints management.

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