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FMEA Skill Assessment

What is it about?

Finding suitable persons who will execute the “FMEA moderator” role successfully and integrating them into the company is a challenge. Since a FMEA moderator must have technical expertise with a lot of experience, the pool of potential candidates is naturally limited. If FMEA moderators are comfortable while working together with the management and the team and can utilise their potential optimally, the chances of them remaining as FMEA moderators in the company for a long-term are better and they can perform with a lot of positivity. A diagnostic suitability method can be used to increase the probability of success considerably. A scientific base can be used to determine the degree of conformity of competencies of employees with the additional qualification of a FMEA moderator. At the same time, the areas, where actions need to be taken, are also evident. Subsequent follow-up measurements ultimately make the effectiveness of development measures transparent in the course of time.


  1. Identification of concurrences and deviations as regards the activity profile of the additional qualifications of a “FMEA moderator”
  2. Discovering development fields and potentials for targeted investment in employees who want to acquire qualifications to become a FMEA moderator
  3. Visualisation of development in the course of time using follow-up measurements


  • Least-possible time effort
  • Objectification, no “soft” criteria
  • Increased probability of success of employee retention
  • Encouraging (self) reflection

This is how it works

  • Draft the individual requirement profile of a FMEA moderator in your company (time requirement of 10-15 minutes using a questionnaire).
  • Let the potential candidates fill the questionnaire; send them the link via mail (approximately 10 minutes are required).
  • The evaluation follows an algorithm and normally require approximately 30 minutes.
  • The structure of evaluation will specifically guide you to important points with the help of a graphical deviation analysis

Practical application

Use the evaluation in the context of a “FMEA moderator”:


  • If potential is noticed

  • For target agreements

  • For further development

  • In case of changes in requirements for FMEA moderators:

  • Identification of employees who have special potential for the role of a FMEA moderator

  • Determine the extent and characteristics developed by an employee during the agreed time period

  • In the given environment, evaluate the competency areas of a FMEA moderator where development measures need to be introduced optimally in order to achieve the maximum possible effect in the company

  • Compare employee competencies in success-relevant criteria of new requirements


Then here is what you need to do now...

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