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Risk management with FMEA

Risk management instead of crisis management

What do football and risk management have in common?

In both cases, anticipation is the key to success. It is only through anticipation that the professional football players can be in the right place at the right time effortlessly. The act of anticipating errors also proves useful in being at the right place at the right time, saving costs and energy.

We live in a fast-paced world. Responding promptly to changes is essential for success. Innovation and risk management are required in order to master challenges such as globalisation and digitisation. Disruptive developments are possible and also necessary as one takes advantage of the varied opportunities. Risk management must be anticipatory and capable of reducing the crisis management that is practiced in many companies. Preventing potential errors through anticipatory action is the key to success!

FMEA Method Information

FMEA is a tool for assessing possible mistakes during the development and planning phase in order to prevent their occurence in products and processes.


The following FMEA models are applied:

  • System FMEA (SFMEA)

  • Design FMEA (DFMEA)

  • Prozess-FMEA (PFMEA)

  • System FMEA analyzes planned solution concepts based on:

    • System concepts
    • Function descriptions
    • Product requirements documents

  • Design FMEA analyzes planned development solutions based on:

    • System concepts
    • Function analysis
    • Product requirements documents
    • Functional specifications
    • Design drawings
    • Circuit diagrams
    • Norms
    • Guidelines

  • Process FMEA analyzes planned production and assembly processes based on:

    • Design drawings
    • Assembly concepts
    • Production plans
    • Test plans

FMEA service range

Dietz Consultants globally helps clients in the analysis and avoidance of risks during development phase with a complete range of services: