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Presentation FMEA Forum: Design Thinking from Linda Armbruster

1. Summary

As Industry 4.0 and digitalization have led to an epochal transformation of production and logistics with the power to challenge whole industries, companies of all shapes and sizes are forced to think in new, disruptive ways. In order to seize newly sustainable, technological opportunities organizations today have to engage in strategic innovation that institutionalizes taking and managing risks. 


Therefore, this lecture will present a rather creative problem-solving approach, which in the last few years has come to be known across industries for its strategic innovation strength, called Design Thinking. The aim of this method is to leverage the upside potential of risk by empowering teams and organizations to think out of the box and dynamically respond to changing conditions through collaboration and agility.

In the development of scalable market opportunities, Design Thinking strongly focuses on the customer and stakeholder. Only in the second step, it confronts technical feasibility and economic profitability to avoid excluding valuable solutions too early in the process.

2. Structure

As the strength of Design Thinking particularly lies in its implementation, the talk will lead participants, after a short introduction, through the four stages of Design Thinking using a hands-on example. At first, they identify the customer needs, then condense their findings in a specific problem statement, afterwards ideate through creative brainstorming and finally validate their solutions in a fast and economical way during rapid prototyping and user testing.

This practical insight into the methodology will be enriched with scientific findings, concrete application cases and personal experience for the successful deployment of the method.

3. Goal

The objective of the short lecture is to give participants impulses beyond the core topic of risk management of the Osnabrücker FMEA Forum, on how processes and organizations can be transformed, not only to meet current challenges but to take advantage of the upside potential of digitalization and co. and shape digital change strategically.