An 8D report is a systematic approach which can be applied for the end-to-end handling of complaints between customers and suppliers.

The 8D report (D= discipline) is part of complaint management. The aim is to systematically address the relevant aspects to protect the customer from further delivery of non-conforming products and services and to find the root cause of the problem and implement permanent corrective actions. The eight disciplines, i.e., steps are:

D1 Put together a team to resolve the problem
D2 Describe the problem
D3 Determine immediate actions
D4 Establish the root cause(s)
D5 Plan corrective actions
D6 Implement corrective actions
D7 Prevent recurrence of the problem
D8 Recognize the team’s performance

FMEAs may need to be revised within the scope of 8D processes. This also applies for Foundation and Family FMEAs.

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