FMEA analysis

The term FMEA analysis is actually a redundancy, as the A in FMEA (= failure mode and effect analysis) already stands for ‘analysis’. Now that we’ve taken this little digression, let’s get back to the term FMEA analysis. It refers to the implementation of a risk analysis using the seven steps of FMEA.

When performing an FMEA analysis, a distinction must be made as to whether this is implemented for a product (Design FMEA) or a manufacturing process (Process FMEA). An additional form of FMEA is added to this with the Supplemental FMEA for Monitoring and System Response (MSR). All FMEA types, and thus also the nature of the FMEA analysis, thus differ based on the nature of the analysis object.

FMEA analysis examples
A simple example of an FMEA analysis via Process FMEA is cooking a pizza (see FMEA example).
A typical FME analysis example using Design FMEA is the ballpoint pen (see FMEA example).

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