Decomposing functions

The term "decomposing" is used in functional safety, among other fields, and refers to the process of dividing a safety-critical system into individual components or subsystems to ensure that each part of the system operates safely and reliably.

This process is also known as "function and hardware decomposition" and is an important step in the development of safety-critical systems such as those used in the automotive or aerospace industries. By decomposing the system into its individual components, developers can pinpoint the requirements and risks of each part and ensure that each part of the system is designed and tested to meet safety requirements.

Decomposition is part of the systems engineering process and involves identifying functions that the system should perform and assigning those functions to hardware and software components. Careful decomposition of the system into its parts can minimize the risk of malfunctions or safety violations, which is especially important when dealing with safety-critical applications.

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